It was actually on the 11th day of June year 2013 in Washington DC when Rev. Peter Popoff arrived in the said city

It was actually on the 11th day of June year 2013 in Washington DC when Rev. Peter Popoff arrived in the said city. Popoff is the one who established the Popoff Ministries including the PUFC.

Peter Popoff has made a decision to start off this venture so as to easily convey his message of faith, hope, deliverance, and also healing to his supporters and also followers.

Within Washington DC, Rev. Popoff had put into the hands of men and women the Word of God who have been seeking enlightenment and guidance during the most challenging moment in their everyday life.

The Popoff Ministry has now reached various countries in the world just before he launched it in United States.

In the early days of his ministry, Peter Popoff was motivated by God to reach out to Eastern Europe and the underground church that's persecuted by Communism.

Simultaneous to his graduation and marriage to Elizabeth, the Peter Popoff Ministries embarked on its divine mission.

Nevertheless, he started preaching through a radio program which was first aired in 1976. Since that time, he made a good connection towards several churches and people in the entire United States. Also, he led Bible smuggling operations in exactly the same year where he was able to sink into the Eastern Europe and China. These countries were resistant for knowledge about the Gospel during the early years.

In 1985, Rev. Popoff had Gospel literature tied in helium-filled balloons. These Gospels were placed in packets and were sealed tightly in watertight coverings so they might be protected. These were moved through tides as well as breached into cities where Gospel teachers were persecuted. Nonetheless, all of the operations were tight and they were all successful.

Due to his tireless effort, most people are still are very grateful of Peter Popoff’s works in introducing them to the message of God.

To quote Peter Popoff’s statement, “Whether it be by land or sea, the Gospel can penetrate ‘closed doors.’ Even if it means dropping Gospel literatures to the oceans or filling balloons with tracts, a good believer must do anything to spread the Gospel across countries.

On the other hand, lots of people are now wanting to experience the supernatural touch from heaven by listening to the Word of God from the preaching of Peter Popoff. In fact, in the town of Odessa, Russia, over 30,000 people gathered during just one service where God’s miracle-working power took control of and set people free.

Rev. Popoff already knew that God assigned him to reach out to people and spread His words to them. He did it with passion and dedication to illumine those people. Because of this dedication, he had converted a lot of people from being nothing to having God in their hearts.

With this, Peter Popoff was able to establish a television program where people from North Africa, Middle East, Europe and North America get to listen to the gospel with the television network.

It cannot be denied that Peter Popoff has started a ministry wherein supporters of Christ get to experience life-changing events over the long period of years.

The ministry is taking a single path and that's to help many people to maintain their faith in God. A number of men, women and children were unmistakably healed by the Peter's multi-faceted ministry. His ministry doesn't end here because this is just the start of a continual growth of his ministry.

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